Planning your Christmas marketing

It's July and it may seem a tad too early to think about CHRISTMAS! (Ahhhh I said it)
BUT when it comes to marketing your business... it's never too early!!! Especially, if you have a product-based business.

So the things to think about when planning your Christmas marketing:

Revisit last year’s campaign performance
⓶ Create a timeline
⓷ Review target audience
⓸ Consider your channels
⓹ Plan your Christmas marketing message/s
⓺ Choose a theme
⓻ Decide on any offers
⓼ Include personalisation (purchase history, customer needs, etc.)
⓽ Create campaign content and design style
⓾ Optimise supporting content (across your website)
⑪ Tweak your automations (footer, auto replies, profile pics, etc.)
⑫ Then it's launch time – be ready to learn!

Christmas can be stressful without running a business... so starting NOW will give you plenty of time to plan, create and manage your workload in implementing a successful Christmas campaign.

So a little gift to your business this year will go a long way!!! Get organised!!

I will be visiting each of the 12 points in more detail. Watch this space.